We Make Our Own Candles Right In The Store:  We have been proudly making all of our candles right in our store nearly the last 25 years!  It's pretty amazing to think that we make such a wide variety of items in only about 80 square of productions space.  The four of us average producing 9 tons of candles a year! 

Most of what we make can be found in one of the categories below

We are SO proud of our Scented Jar Candles!  We hate to brag, but these are really the best!  They're made in super-small batches for maximum fragrance retention and LONG lasting!


Fresh and Clean Scents

Warm and Earthy Fragrances

Floral and Fruits

Christmas and Holiday

Fall and Thanksgiving Aromas

Here's our complete

Fragrance List

The Ziegler has been crafting Carved Candles since 1987!  The unique and beautiful designs were developed over the years by Cyndi and Larry.  Check out the Video!


Christmas Carved Candles

Warm Fall Carved Candles

Soft Spring Colors

Rich Summer Shades

Dramatic Blacks & Grays

Contact us to order a Custom Color Carved Candles!

Our Scented Pillar Candles  are each poured with the same fragrance combinations as our Tri-Jar Candles.  Check out our Scented Jar Candles page to see all the fragrances. The various sizes and shapes available in the pillar candles can be seen on this Pillar Candle Page.  Votive candles are available in all of our scents.  Contact us for ordering details.