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Fragrances and Descriptions

Floral Collection

Honeysuckle   Sweet, vibrant, and lingering, true to the actual flower


Gardenia    The pure scent of this creamy white flower settles like a sweet memory onto your soul

Basil    An herbaceous aroma, natural and slightly sweet

Lavender     Aromatic, classic, high quality fragrance known for tranquility and a calming effect

Plumeria    Sweet and sensuous Hawaiian floral associated with joyous celebration

Garden Path    Close your eyes and inhale the memory  of an early morning walk down a beautiful garden path  bordered by sweet flowers and soft herb.  A soft and sweet blend of roses, hyacinth, and lemon zest

Magnolia    Soft and sweet scent, as gracious and charming as the southern tree welcoming you into its shade on a summer day

Peonies    Fragrant and intoxicating floral associated with both romance and compassion

Rosemary    Earthy and aromatic, like you just clipped a sprig from your garden

Midnight Orchid    sensual notes of orchids,musk and vanilla fuse together to create one of our most popular florals

Fruit Collection

Pina Colada    Lively and fresh, a perfect mixture of the pineapple and coconut fruits

Coconut    Escape to a tropical island with a splash of this creamy and refreshing scent

Citrus Fiesta    Bright and sunny citrus, like walking through a grove of citrus trees in bloom

Lemon Verbena    Sweet verbena and lemon zest integrated for a unique blend reminiscent of nature’s garden

Strawberry    Juicy and sweet, as ripe as the beautiful summer fruit

Green Apple    Powerful apple scent with notes from the peel to the core


Grilled Pineapple    Luscious and sweet fruit with just a hint of an outdoor barbeque

Sangria White Peach    The happy sweetness of this fuzzy summer fruit with an added  zing of tangerines, oranges, and apples

Pearberry    Ripe pears drenched in a mixed berry sauce

Berry Blitz    Blitz out with a trio of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, perfectly meshed into a sweet yet slightly tart summer scent

Beach Collection

High Tide    aromas of salty ocean waves and summer breezes will carry you away to the magic and beauty of relaxing on the beachDriftwood    Natural fragrances of teak, mahogany, cedar, and oak washed ashore and softened by warm summer waves

Calypso    Luscious and fruity,  with cool summer breezes and underlying notes of red and black currants 

Fresh Breeze    Very fresh, like newly washed linen drying outside in the warm summer sun

Ocean Mist    Early morning salt water breezes, sitting in the stillness and beauty of the sunrise

Rain     An earthy and refreshing fragrance of summer rain falling on the hot, dry ground

Spa Collection

Serenity    Freshly folded laundry blended with notes of pearberry, relaxing and sweet

Patchouli    Earthy and strong, slightly intoxicating blend, musky and reminiscent of wet soil

Lavender Eucalyptus    Sweet lavender base, perfectly balanced with an earthy eucalyptus

Clover & Aloe     fresh clover and aloe leaves merge with with dew kissed herbs to create our very best selling spa scent

Lemongrass    Wonderfully fragrant fresh lemongrass and earthy sage; great for keeping those pesky bugs away!

Stormy Nights    The scent of cool rain while walking through the woods on a winter evening

Lemon Sage    As bright and fresh as the herb itself, perfect for using in the kitchen when cooking

Bamboo Musk    Refined and fresh harmony of notes that include soft musk balanced with ylang blossoms and bergamot

Mountain Memory Collection

Mountain Memories    Balsam and fireside bundled together, bringing you back to your favorite mountain memories

Home Sweet Home    ahh, the scent of home, sweet home…sugar and spice, cozy and nice!

Fireside    Happy memories of a warm campfire with the healing notes of sage

Nutmeg & Cedar    One of our best sellers, spicy notes of fresh nutmeg blended with earthy notes of cedar

Blackberry Sage    Layers of rich berries combined with the healing notes of sage

Apple & Clover    Vibrant mix of crisp apples and fresh clover

Wonderland    A unique blend of basil, bayberry, and bergamot; clean and understated, relaxing but not overpowering


Sunlit Forest    Balsam woods and citrus flowers come together to brighten your day

Fall Collection

Maple Butter    A best seller, buttery and sweet, like pancakes with pure maple syrup for breakfast on a chilly fall morning

Orange Spice    Citrus and cinnamon combine to create a bright yet warm, unique and spicy year round fragrance

Cranberry    Crisp tangy fall fruit, a sweet memory in the making

Banana Nut Bread    The luscious aroma of grandma’s bread just out of the oven, warm, sweet and oh so buttery 

Baked Apple    Like mom’s hot apple pie, all you need is the ice cream

Cinnamon    The classic scent of a favorite spice

Butterscotch    Rich, caramely, and creamy, with notes of brown sugar

Vanilla Creme    True vanilla bean scent, natural and sweet, not over-powering


Cranberry Orange    Tart cranberries brightened with additional citrus notes

Autumn Leaves    Crisp, cool, and crunchy scents of fall leaves underfoot on an evening walk in the woods

Pumpkin Pie    It’s not fall without this one, just like the pie itself

Mulberry    Sweet but tangy, a fall version of summer’s blackberries

Holiday Collection

Fraser Fir    Inspired by the NC fraser fir, the absolutely  perfect Christmas tree scent


Peppermint    Uplifting and invigorating, aides in concentration and relieving headaches

Christmas Cheer    Celebrate the holidays with the old fashioned cheer of apples, cinnamon, a touch of clove and a little orange zest    Warm Vanilla 

Warm Vanilla Sugar     notes with an added layer of sweetness

Juicy Apple    Juicy apples, cinnamon, and  a touch of vanilla create a sweet yet slightly spicy fragrance

Mistletoe    Ripe figs and leafy green notes combine to create this sophisticated holiday aroma

Russian Tea    Orange, clove, and a touch of cinnamon, reminiscent of the special holiday tea

Sugar Cookie    Sweet smell of freshly baked sugar cookies

Citrus Rosemary    Woody, fragrant herbs perfectly paired with the brightness of citrus fruit


Cabin Christmas: fresh ground cinnamon and a hint of creamy vanilla merge with the aroma of an evergreen tree and a crackling fire

Festive Forest:  Winter woods and citrus flowers fused into a delightful holiday scent 

Mulberry Cider    A seasonal blend of crushed mulberries and spices, warm and balanced 


Coffee Bar Collection:

Hot Cocoa    Rich and creamy milk chocolate, all the aroma with none of the calories

Vanilla Frappuccino    Vanilla bean, whipped cream, with a hint of coffee

Mocha Latte    Mmm, rich chocolate and strong coffee…is there a better combo?

Caramel Macchiato    Steamed milk, sweet vanilla, and creamy caramel  grounded in an espresso base, oh so sweet and delightful!

Man Cave Collection:

Cup O’ Joe    Bold, strong, true scent of dark coffee beans roasting

Pipe Tobacco     Soft tobacco leaves with a smidgen of cherry and vanilla

Unwind    cooling,invigorating and clean, a scent that relaxes while also rejuvenating

Smoked Cognac      A smart and sophisticated, elegant evening blend

Whiskey & Jazz    Whiskey, leather, tobacco, and cologne merge into the unique aroma of an old time jazz parlor

Woodstove    The smell of firewood burning in an old wood stove, bringing warmth to your heart and to your home

Leather    One of our truest scents, suggestive of a new car, a leather store, or even a saddle shop

Maple Bacon    Two American favorites merge to create this very popular man candle scent

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