Celebrating 30+ Years of Candle-Crafting Tradition

Fragrances and Descriptions

This is a great representation of our scents, but if don't see what you're looking for, give us a call. We may be able to create it for you!

Our favorites: (we're asked this every day!)

  • Larry-Banana Nut Bread, Orange Spice

  • Cyndi- Wonderland, Clover & Aloe, Ocean Mist

  • Luke-Blackberry Sage, Warm Vanilla Sugar

  • Caroline- Nutmeg and Cedar, Hibiscus Tea

  • Darci- Lavender, Baked Apple Crisp

Fall scents:

  • Autumn Leaves- crisp, cool, and crunchy: the scent of fall on an evening walk in the woods

  • Banana Nut Bread- the luscious aroma of Grandma's bread, straight from the oven 

  • Baked Apple Crisp- just like Mom's apple pie, all you need is the ice cream

  • Butterscotch- rich and caramely and creamy, with notes of brown sugar 

  • Cinnamon- the classic scent of a favorite spice

  • Cranberry- crisp and tangy fruit, goes well with your turkey

  • Cranberry-orange- just like the cranberry but brighter with additional citrus notes

  • Maple Butter- a best seller, like pancakes and syrup for breakfast on a chilly fall morning

  • Mulberry- sweet but tangy, a fall version of summer's blackberries

  • Orange Spice- cinnamon and citrus combine to create a warm yet bright fragrance 

  • Pumpkin Pie-  it's not fall without this one, just like the pie itself

  • Vanilla Creme- a true vanilla bean scent, natural and sweet, but not over-powering 

Christmas and Holiday scents:

  • Bayberry- traditional and refreshing holiday favorite; notes of balsam, nutmeg, ginger

  • Cherry Struesel-both tart and sweet cherries topped with vanilla, cinnamon, and almond

  • Cinnamon Stick- a sizzling balance of cinnamon and fireside embers

  • Citrus Rosemary- traditional warm holiday herb perfectly paired with the brightness of citrus fruit

  • Fraser Fir-inspired by the North Carolina Fraser Fir tree, the perfect Christmas scent

  • Happy Holidays-favorite holiday scents rolled into one: pine, spices, fireside, and a touch of sweetness  

  • Hot Toddy-hot buttered rum, topped with vanilla cream and a dash of nutmeg and ginger

  • Juicy Apple- juicy apples, cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla create a sweet yet slightly spicy fragrance

  • Mistletoe-ripe figs and leafy green notes combine to create this sophisticated holiday aroma

  • Peppermint- uplifting and invigorating, aides in concentration and relieving headaches 

  • Russian Tea- orange, clove, and a touch of cinnamon, reminscent of the special holiday tea 

  • Sugar Cookie- the sweet aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies 

  • Warm Vanilla Sugar- warm vanilla notes with an extra touch of sweetness

Fresh and Clean:

  • Basil- an herbaceous aroma, natural and slighty sweet

  • Clover and Aloe- relaxing spa like scent of fresh clover and aloe leaves, a best seller

  • Cool Springs- like skinny dipping in a mountain stream, invigorating and clean

  • Fresh Breeze- very fresh, like newly washed clothes hanging outside on the line

  • Fresh Clover- a refreshing blend, with notes of clover, aloe, pears, and berries

  • Lavender Eucalyptus- the relaxing fragrance of lavender perfectly balanced with an earthy eucalpytus

  • Lemongrass- a wonderful blend of herbs and citrus, fresh lemongrass and earthy sage

  • Ocean Mist- the scent of fresh salt water breezes take you back to sunrise at your favorite beach

  • Serenity- the scent of freshly folded laundry blended with notes of pearberry, relaxing and sweet

  • Stormy Night-- the smell of cool rain while walking through the woods on a winter evening 

  • Teakwood- natural fragrances of teak, mahogany, cedar, and oak with just a hint of lavender 

Warm and Earthy:

  • Amber and Ginger- sophisticated and sweet, with notes of ginger root, antique amber, and cashmere

  • Blackberry Sage- layers of rich berries combined with the healing notes of sage

  • Fireside- the happy memory of a warm campfire or building a fire in the mountain cabin

  • Hibiscus Tea- a blend of cooling hibiscus tea, exotic fruits, with a hint of vanilla bean

  • Mountain Memories- balsam and fireside, bringing you back to your favorite mountain memories 

  • Nutmeg and Cedar- one of our best sellers, spicy notes of fresh nutmeg blended with earthy notes of cedar

  • Patchouli- earthy and strong; not just for hippies anymore

  • Rosemary- earthy and natural, like you just clipped it from your garden

  • Sage- as bright and fresh as the herb itself

  • Soft Eucalyptus- the stimulating effects of  fresh eucalyptus softened with undernotes of lime

  • Sweet Meadows-a harmony of meadow flowers, a splash of wine, and a sprinkling of sugar

  • Wonderland- the perfect blend of basil, bayberry, and bergamot


  • Gardenia- an exact representation of the creamy white fragrant flower that blossoms in spring 

  • Honeysuckle- sweet, vibrant, lingering fragrance true to the actual flowering vine

  • Lavender-aromatic, classic, high quality fragrance known for its calming effect

  • Magnolia-luxuriously romantic, sweet and southern; an all around favorite

  • Plumeria-sweet and sensuous floral known in the Hawaiian tradition for joyous celebration 

  • White Tea and Lilac-strong and sweet floral softened with exotic tea notes


  • Citrus Fiesta-orange, lemon, and lime---like walking through a grove of citrus trees blossoming

  • Coconut-refreshing and tropical,  creamy and milky, just like the fruit of the tree

  • Green Apple-powerful apple scent with notes from the peel to the core

  • Lemon Verbena-sweet verbena and lemon zest combine for a unique blend reminiscent of nature's garden

  • Pina Coloda-lively and fresh, a perfect blend of the pineapple and coconut fruits

  • Strawberry-juicy and sweet, almost as ripe as the actual summer fruit